USA & Canada 1975

In 1975 my friend and photographer John Reardon had finished college in Birmingham UK and went the US with is then wife. I joined them in Ocean City, Maryland and later went with John to Baltimore where he started to fix up an old VW Bus. I left him there and travelled across the States by Greyhound Bus to California. On the way after a stop in Salt Lake City I found my self sat next to someone reading the same book – sadly I’ve now forgotten what it was. He turned out to be on his way to Battle Mountain, Nevada to pick up his Volvo which had broken down there. He asked me if I wanted to help him drive it back to his home in Berkeley. Since I was heading for Bolinas north of San Francisco I readily agreed.  His name was Howard S Fuller and he was a Pastor. I ended up staying with him and his family for a week or so before being picked up by friends of friends living in Bolinas. I spent several weeks there including a trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains in a Ken Kesey style old school bus before heading to Montreal to visit a friend. On the way there and back I visited New York but was rather intimidated and didn’t take pictures there. So this is a fragmentary record of my three months in the USA and Canada. At that time I had a Practika SLR and I borrowed a 70-200 Tamron lens from my father. In Bolinas I was staying with the ex-wife of an English friend was then living with Ethel Merman’s son Robert Levitt Jr and there was a group of friends around them. Some elements of the hippy period remained and the trip on the bus was one of them.