The galleries include both professional work and personal projects.

iPhone Squares

All shot with the iPhone – recently with a 4s but older ones with a 4 and a 3S. All processed with CameraBag Lolo. Not all pictures suit this treatment so I find I see likely shots which will look good processed this way and cropped square. I don’t mind the over processed effects as I’m looking for an almost abstract art feel.


New York Intersections

Also shot with an iPhone 4S – many shot from the hip for an informal street style. Turns out that the iPhone is perfect for this way of shooting as phones are so common people mostly don’t realise you are shooting. I used CameraBag again but just to switch to mono which seems to suit these shots. I’m putting together a Blurb book of these images.


Kent Coast

These are all shot with the Nikon D700 in 2011 and 2012 in and around Dungeness and Camber Sands. In 2012 we stayed briefly at the wonderful Shingle House, one of Living Architecture’s places.



This features the Chris Biscoe/Tony Kofi Quartet at their Birmingham Jazz gig in June 2012. Tony Kofi loves the mono profile picture and is going to use it. I shot the gig with a borrowed Nikon D5100 to see how it performs in low light. I used the 28-300 FX zoom and could have done with a faster lens but I’m quite impressed. Also added shots from Chris Corcoran Collective gig at Birmingham Jazz on November 16th – this time I shot with the new D600 again with the 28-300mm.


Birmingham Streets

Inspired by the New York set I’ve started trying out the same technique on the streets of Birmingham. The first four shot from the hip walking back to the office down Vyse Street.


Paris Parks and Streets

A mixture of grabbed shots and more formal ones from Paris all on the iPhone. Having taken these and the first few in Birmingham I realise why New York suits street photography. The sheer number of people and activity on the street makes it so much easier to blend in and also provides so much variety in subjects. So there’s a bit of a different feel for the Paris set with more use of the avenues and vistas.


More to come!

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