Every time a new Apple product comes out those of us who are Apple users usually get that frisson “do I want one or do I need one?” It’s the same with the iPhone 5 that has just been announced.

There is usually something about new Apple kit that makes you want it but you don’t always need it straight away. And that’s the way I feel about the iPhone 5. I upgraded to an iPhone 4s as soon as it came out because it offered significant benefits and because I was at the end of a contract.

The 4s had a better camera and a better screen handy for taking and showing images. It was also faster. So I got one and it was a good decision. Recently I’ve had great success using it to take street photographs so will I be getting an iPhone 5?

I will in time but I’m not going to rush. It is faster again and a bit thinner and lighter and also taller to get a bigger screen for 16 to 9 movies. There is no real change with the main camera. Overall it’s a better device but I don’t watch movies on my ‘phone so the larger screen is pretty irrelevant (an extra 4 apps to view is neither here not there), and faster is good but for most things the 4s is already fast enough.

Then you have to factor in the extra cost which is not just about the handset which is already expensive. The connector is new so adapters will be needed plus I bought a £110 adapter to allow charging and aerial connection in the car not that long ago.

For owners of earlier models the balance will be different but for me I won’t be rushing to order or queuing up. I’ll happily carry on with the 4s at least until upgrade time.

Anyways that’s what I’m telling myself for the moment…

Brian Homer 14.9.2012

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