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Welcome to photographer, writer and designer Brian Homer’s website.
Commentary, Galleries, Projects and Milestones from around the site:

Saluting Sergeant Pepper

Django Bates and the Frankfurt Radio Big Band with Eggs Laid by Tigers at Ronnie Scott’s 5th September 2017 First a confession – I’ve never actually owned a copy of the Beatles’ original or any other Beatles records. In fact they almost passed me by. In 1962 I was moving…

Let it be Told

A personal take on South African Jazz Last year Peter Bacon asked what’s the attraction of Township jazz to British jazz fans in previewing the Township Comets at Birmingham Jazz in October 2014. Later, in November, at the London Jazz Festival there was a significant South African presence although Peter…

Fuji X100S

After reading all the reviews and talking to others who raved abut the little Fuji X100S  I finally took the plunge and got one. The price dipped from very expensive to a rather more reasonable “pricey but why not.” And it is a revelation – the first digital camera to…

iPhone 5

Every time a new Apple product comes out those of us who are Apple users usually get that frisson “do I want one or do I need one?” It’s the same with the iPhone 5 that has just been announced. There is usually something about new Apple kit that makes…

Street Photography

In June I went to New York for only the second time, the first was 37 years ago. It was a great place then but this time I had chance to appreciate it at greater length. New York, like Birmingham, is being continuously renewed with new people moving in from…

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