I’ve taken pictures for almost all my life. Like many I got a Box Brownie in the 50s and went from there. My first proper camera was a Praktica bought from Jessops when there was only the original branch in Leicester in the early 70s. Later I migrated to a Nikkormat and a Nikon F and when they were stolen to two Nikon FMs which I still have. Those FMs did very well and I did a lot of professional work with them and a simple set of 28mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm primes. Back then zooms were very poor quality.

I’ve shot for newspapers and magazines including quite a while working with the late John Reardon on pictures for Woman Magazine. We were so keen we swallowed their draconian rules including sending them all the negs. They at least paid over the odds for them. In 1979 John Derek Bishton and I did the Handsworth Self Portrait Project. There’s more about this and more recent Self Portrait projects in this section.

Being a lifelong jazz fan I’ve been shooting a lot of jazz in the last few years and I’m currently working on a project with Pedro Cravinho of Birmingham City University. There’s a whole lot of jazz images here!


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