Self Portrait

Handsworth Self Portrait was an innovative photographic project organised in 1979 by John Reardon, Derek Bishton and Brian Homer. Over five sessions we shot 50 films and more than 500 people took part. A set of 44 of the images became an exhibition which toured in the 1980s and this set of prints were later acquired by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery while the negatives are archived at Autograph ABP in London. In 2019 an exhibition at the Mac Arts Centre in Birmingham marked the 40th anniversary of the project and some of the original participants were able to see their pictures again.

Some of the original Handsworth images are in the galleries below together with images from the self portrait projects Brian has run in the last 15 years using digital technology. These later projects have included sessions for the Birmingham City Council Homelessness Strategy, the launch of the new Library of Birmingham. the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Telford New Town and for Queens University and the Ulster Museum in Belfast.


Handsworth Self Portrait
Library of Birmingham
Telford 50th Anniversary