Chris Young

I’m getting going on two projects which will surface in 2019. First with Multistory and Emma Chetcuti I am curating an exhibition of self portraits for the Blast! Festival which will include images by David Attie, Handsworth Self Portrait, Jubilee Arts and The Public. It’s the 40th anniversary of HSP and there will also be a separate show at Mac that Derek Bishton is involved in. And in my thoughts while doing the project will be John Reardon and Pete James who sadly passed earlier this year. Without the work and dedication both of them this would not be happening. #multistory#BlastPhotoFest2019 #Sandwell #AmbitionForExcellence

The second project is called Everyday Jazz Lives working with Pedro Cravinho and BCU Jazz Research and Nicholas Gebhardt. We’ll be interviewing and photographing six Birmingham based musicians with a show in the Spring of 2019 and a presentation at the Rhythm Changes Conference in Graz in March. Now to find the time…

Picture: Chris Young being interviewed

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